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Forder and FCCA
The village of Forder is about 1½ miles from
Saltash, with many of the cottages situated
along the banks of Forder Creek.



24 January
January newsletter now published
see .pdf copy

Weather and tides

tidal curve
BBC tidal predictions (GMT) for
Jupiter Point

shipping forcast areas
Met Office shipping forecast and
gale warnings
for Plymouth

nci weather data

Real-time display of weather data from National Coastwatch weather stations:

Next events in 2020


Coffee Mornings

photo:coffee and cake

10.30-12.30 in the Hut

next one: to be announced

photo:coffee and cake

We are hoping to establish a rota to have one every two months- so watch this space


Creek Crafters

photo:coffee and cake

Usually every 1st and 3rd Monday (watch this space)

Bring along any unfinished craft item to work on, eg sewing,
knitting, steam engines etc


Carol service

photo:xmas group

probably Saturday 12 December 2020


Christmas music from 6pm


February photograph of the month

Andrea's: The Creek

photo:view of creek (painting)

See previous photos of the month

and let Derek have yours!

Forder community


The Forder Community and Conservation Association (see more) is a registered charity which was formed to protect the Forder Conservation Area for the benefit of the general public and to help to preserve the environment.

Other pages on this web site are:

forder - some information about Forder and the Forder Conservation Area

fcca - details of the aims of the Forder Community and Conservation Association ( a registered charity)

emergency - emergency and useful phone numbers

conservation - information about conservation issues in the Forder Conservation Area

boats - boats owners and moorings - information

watch - Neighbourhood Watch in Forder
old - a collection of fascinating old photographs (mostly black and white) ) of Forder and Forder Creek

articles - articles, booklets, poems etc about the Forder area

gallery - galleries of photographs of scenes and events around Forder

contacts - phone numbers and email addresses of committee members of the FCCA

links - some links to other web sites

notices - of meetings, events etc

Forder Village Green

fence at village green

fence at village green

Saltash Neighbourhood Plan

Tamar Bridge



FCCA publishes a monthly Newsletter, usually following the monthly meeting. Recent Newsletters (a printable pdf file) may be read here:

January 2020
December 2019
November 2019
October 2019
September 2019
July 2019

Film nights

film night

Film nights
7.00 for 7.30pm in the hut

the next films will be:

Friday 28 February

Wednesday 11 March
Friday 27 March

Wednesday 8 April
Friday 24 April

Wednesday 13 May
Friday 29 May

We're not allowed to name films on www!. However you can see see hints of plots below

see details of Film Club

Roger would welcome suggestions for films

Photo gallery

two men looking at hole

See Forder photo gallery

Old Forder

Chip lorry

crane lifting chip lorry

.... and remember the great chip lorry rescue ?

Film plots

Tamar Bridge

Friday 28 February
A 2019 biographical musical film based on the life of musician Elton John

header photo by Jenny Pilgrim

This page last updated: 24 January 2020