Photographs of the month

David's Snow on Dartmoor

photo: Snow on Dartmoo

Paula's Harbour at dawn

photo: AP harbour at dawn

Sandy's remembrance

photo: remembrance soldier

photo: remembrance soldier

Jenny's bad weather coming

photo: bad sky

Derek's my friend

photo: frog

APRIL 2020
Janet's Early one morning in spring

photo: view of creek with boats

MARCH 2020
Derek's Proud Mother

photo: frog with spawn

Andrea's's The Creek

photo: View of creek (painting)

Janet's Rainbow over the keep

photo: creek very calm

December 2019
Kim's Father Christmas arrives in Forder

photo: creek very calm

November 2019
Jenny's Still waters

photo: creek very calm

September-October 2019
Janet's Sunflowers


August 2019
Barrie's Forder raft-up 2019

photo: Forder raft-up 2019

June 2019
Derek's HMS Brecon

photo: Forder viaduct

May 2019
from our old Forder collection West Bank

photo: Forder viaduct

April 2019
David's Art

photo: Forder viaduct

March 2019
Derek's Viaduct

photo: Forder viaduct

February 2019
Barrie's Viaduct

photo: Forder viaduct

January 2019
James' Mill stone

photo: Forder creek, west bank

November 2018
Andrea's Evening on the Lynher

photo: Lynner scene

October 2018
Rob's Raft-up 2018

photo: raft-up boats

September 2018
Jenny's Approaching St. Germans

photo: approaching St.Germans

August 2018
from our 'old Forder' collection

photo: old Forder

June 2018
Andrea's Oak

photo: oak branch

May 2018
Derek's From the waters of Forder Creek

photo: plastics from Forder Creek

April 2018
Claire's Rowing in the creek

photo: rowing boat in creek

March 2018
Andrea's Snowy day

photo: view of viaduct in snow

February 2018
Sandy's As it used to be ...

photo: view of village green

January 2018
Sandy's Green valley

photo: view of creek

December 2017
Andrea's Forder in the mist

photo: view of Forder creek in mist

December 2017
Neil's Chopsticks on the Tamar

photo: view of Forder creek in mist

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